Title Monster Foot Peeling Pack (18ml)

Monster Foot Peeling Pack

It is simple socks type foot masks, removes keratins or hardened skin by just one
use and offers smooth and healthy feet by baby’s feet. Just put on our foot masks
and it will remove keratin over your feet, relieve smells from feet and the nutritive
ingredients containing in our foot masks offer your feet and toe nails healthy.

Directions for use

1. Wash your feet cleanly and get your feet dry.
2. Cut off the entrance of the ankle of our foot masks with clippers, enter your foot
each into our foot masks and put on our foor masks.
3. After you put on our foot masks, you may tie up the upper parts of our foot masks with rubber bands or rings or you may put on socks or slippers over our foot masks.
4. Take off our foot masks after 60~90 minutes and wash your feet.
5. The keratin will be taken off from your feet after3~5 days after you used our foot
masks(Do not be forced to be take off the keratin from your feet.)
6. Wait till the keratin will be taken off from your feet naturally and then it will offer
you healthy and clean feet.