Title Moisture Elastic W-Line Breast Pack (20g)




It is a highly concentrated hydro gel breast pack. It delivers moisture and nutritive ingredients to skin of breasts with direct effect sticking to breasts completely and supplies moist and abundant moisture to non-elastic and dry breasts.
 - It enhances vitality to breast line of woman and makes it beatiful and
 - The various moisturizing ingredients make breasts more smooth and moister.
 - Make your breasts elastic and charming by supplying nutritive ingredients
to breasts intensively.

[The period of use] :
1 step : Everyday for first 1 week
2 step : Twice at second week
1 step : once or twice at third week
1 step : once at 4th week

Directions for use
1. Wash your breasts cleanly and dry them.
2. Remove the film from its Breast Pack and apply its Pack over your breasts.
3. After you applied its Pack for 1 hour at least and remove its Pack.
4. After you removed its Pack, massage your breasts. The remaining useful ingrdients will be absorbed into your breast’ skin.
* As its Pack has good sticking force, you may use it when you go out orsleep.