Title Snail Repair Cleansing Serum (200ml)
Contents It is made of Hydrophilic surfactant base originated from soybeen oil, does not stimulated to the skin and has excellent effect to cleanse the skin. The ingredient of mucin in snail mucus, hyaluronic..
Title Moisture Cleansing Serum (200ml)
Contents Cleansing and essence at the same time! It is a new concept moisture cleansing serum that removes such color cosmetics as blemish balm creams, makeup base, eye liners, or lip sticks clearly by the mo..
Title Pore-less Clear Cleansing Oil (200ml)
Contents It is most inprotant to cleanse one's skin in all skincare productsThe product that contains Sufficient vegetable oil cleanses waste matters or make-up without irritation, makes one's sensitive skin ..
Title Revitalizing Massage Cream (125g)
Contents It is excellent in moisturization, elasticity and total revitalizing effect of supply of nutritionb and brightening effect and is massage cream with soft and moisturizing feeling of high quality grap..
Title Blueberry Fruits Cleansing (125ml)
Contents It removes wastes by sufficient foam and excellent cleansing effect, moisturizes and softens the skin without pulling. Especially, the Blueberry extract which has excellent antioxidant action will i..
Title Special Peach Fruits Cleansing (125ml)
Contents It is a cleansing foam that soft, rich foam removes wastes cleanly and containing Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice keeps rough skin smooth and shiny. Peach extract makes skin tones clear and soft by prote..
Title Special Apple Fruits Cleansing (125ml)
Contents It is a cleansing foam that soft and rich foam removes makeup and waste deep in pores completely. The apple extract and Dryopteris Crassirhizoma extract leave skin clean and soft by soothing sensi..
Title Special Lemon Fruits Cleansing (125ml)
Contents It is a mild cleansing foam that soft, rich foam removes wastes without irritation and the natural plant extracts of lemon extract, cucumber extract, grapefruit extract, portulaca oleracea extract ..