Sales Teams

- Domestic & Overseas Sales Teams

- The basic planning of marketing & Advertising and the development of new marketing



Business Support Team

- The supports for Planning, Advrrtising and each team

- General purchase/finance

- The stock management


Production Team

- The general production management

- The production technology and the outsoursing management



- Research & Planning

- Research of products

- Evaluation of effects

- Material's development

- Quality control




1. Products characteristics:

The products that can enjoy the most effect and efficancy together with the most

suitable ingredients to the skin condition and the manufacturing method


2. The competiveness of our products:

It is our goal to secure wider customers that develop specific cosmetics only that

can enjoy the most effect and efficancy together with the minimum amount of

the use that does not stimulate to the skin.


3. The prospect of this business:

As it puts an emphasis on rarity of natural cosmetics and the market demand of

products based on natural materials through cosmetics for the environment that

seeks for the minimumization of the skin troubles is gradually increasing, we

perspect that there will be a tremendous development as there are possibilities

that most basic cosmetics be used as natural materials in the near future.


4. The continuous Research and development

The items that there are possibilities the demand will not stop as essential


The items that can be original and differentiate from other company's products

The items that there is a possibility the demand increases accoring to the

mystery of the orientalism