“Chamos Cosmetic is a company as follows“.


Chamos Cosmetic Co., Ltd., is a company that deals in professional cosmetics only, based on base prescription only in the world. It is a common sense that analyzes the main ingredients and its contents and decides on its standards of the value of the products in the drugs or cosmetics that apply to the human's skin. But in case of external drugs or cosmetics, it plays an important role that the emulsion's base function formulated rather than its main ingredients and its content decides on its true value. In case of the drugs that use to the skin diseases, the suitable choice of its base according to the cause of the disease and its disorder gets a satisfactory healing effect and in case of cosmetics, their formulating ingredients of the base should be made by low-stimulating materials and their appearance should be beautiful and washability should be superior. Chamos Cosmetic Co., Ltd., based on these conditions, is a company that sticks to the products only that can enjoy the most effects and efficancy with a minimum amount of the use that does not stimulate to the skin, based on high scientific results designed on the ingredients and the manufacturing methods suitable to the skin's conditions, dermatological theory and the suitable penetrating action of the cell layer of the skin.